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What is ChamberSnakeTM?

ChamberSnakeTM is the ORIGINAL Chamber Safe Indicator (CSI). American made and durable, this nylon 6/6 plastic chamber blocker has a bright flexible Electricity Yellow strip that extends out of the muzzle to provide immediate visual confirmation that your firearm is unloaded and safe.


Invented in 2002 by retired Police Captain, Certified Firearms Instructor, and Ammo-Safe Founder, Robert Barber - Bob got the idea for his chamber blocker after, “almost getting shot” while conducting training operations on the firing range. “Magazine fed weapons are designed to leave a round in the chamber when you remove the magazine,” he said. “So unless you lock the slide back, and visually and physically check the chamber, you don’t know whether the weapon is safe. And once it’s charged, you still don’t know, even if it is empty. As a result, so much time is required to do safety checks, I felt that if there was a way to instantly confirm a weapon was safe by a quick visual check, not only would the range be safer, but I would have more effective training time.”


Other Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) devices such as chamber blockers or chamber flags do not allow the weapon to be dry-fired. These chamber flags and chamber blockers can also accidentally fall out when handling the weapon. With a ChamberSnakeTM device inserted in your firearm, this will never happen. ChamberSnakeTM is more effective than snap caps or other dummy rounds because they are designed to be ejected as the weapon is cycled. ChamberSnakeTM is designed to stay engaged in the weapon so it continues to be safe.

If you are a seller, trainer, instructor or owner of firearms, ChamberSnakeTM is a necessity for reducing the chances of an accidental discharge. Even experienced gun owners can make mistakes and accidentally leave a round in the chamber.

The ChamberSnakeTM Chamber Safe Indicator gives EVERYONE in the store, on the range, in the training area and at home the confidence that every firearm is clear of live ammunition.


If you have guns in your home, ChamberSnakeTM is the perfect compliment to your trigger lock. Trigger locks are an important step in securing your firearm, but they do not prevent a live round from entering the chamber. Security does not equal safety. It is possible for a gun to fire a live round even if a trigger lock is engaged. ChamberSnakeTM takes safety to the next level by quickly showing you that the chamber is clear from live rounds. Every responsible gun owner needs the ChamberSnakeTM to be Secure & Safe. 

 ChamberSnakeTM is committed to providing the safest, highest quality products. We use the best materials and the finest American craftsmen to build the products we sell.


ChamberSnakeTM Features:

  • Electricity Yellow barrel extension provides immediate visual confirmation of an unloaded firearm
  • Provides visual confirmation from the muzzle of the gun instead of the breech; truly safe!
  • Will never accidentally fall out of the chamber. Other chamber blockers and chamber flags can fall out when handling the firearm
  • No disassembly or mechanical alteration of the firearm is required
  • Your firearm can still be safely dry-fired, cycled and holstered
  • Perfect for handling, display, storage, and transport of your firearms
  • Discounts are available to law enforcement agencies, distributor and dealer terms are offered
  • When concerned about security, get a trigger lock - then add the ChamberSnakeTM for total firearm safety 
  • ChamberSnakeTM is manufactured exclusively by Ammo-SafeTM, LLC.